Fred V & Grafix: Major Happy


Recent recruits to the scene, Fred V & Grafix were initially into live music, the pair converted to drum and bass when they heard Pendulum’s controversial and genre-changing album “Hold Your Colour” and High Contrast’s sophomore “High Society”. Influenced by an eclectic range of sounds outside of drum and bass from electro/French house, ambient and hip hop, Fred V & Grafix cite artists such as Flying Lotus, Bonobo, Dilla and Jimi Hendrix as inspirations. “Major Happy” is composed to “Spread major happiness throughout the world”

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Yinyeus: Bliss


Yinyeus comes to us from Romford, United Kingdom. I’m not quite sure whats in the water, but at 17 Yinyeus truly amazes, evoking feelings sprung from the heart and mind. “Bliss” features superb layering with a tasteful touch of vocal sample that puts this track up there with some of the best i’ve heard. At six years my junior his talent truly amazes. Sit back, relax and at least attempt to wrap your mind around this, “Bliss”. 

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Electus: Stay



As with most young producers today, the idea of anonymity is appealing.  All we know of Electus is that he is a young man named Oliver from Norway. Not much more is necessary. His music speaks volumes. Having started this adventure in 2012 it is quite surprising how refined his sound has become. While not extraordinarily adventurous his production skills are sharp, adding his two cents into the growing genre of melodic dubstep. Electus is young and mature beyond his years, a producer that will definitely be added to my playlists and many others through 2013.


As always, listen and download below.

Rameses B: Drift Away ft. Veela


My apologies for the hiatus. We’re back however, with a tune that features euphoric beats, and intelligent design. Rameses B is a diverse and colorful musical creator coming to us from Leads, England. With a degree in Creative Music and Music Technology Rameses has mastered the tools of his trade. In his track “Drift Away” he is able to artfully incorporate beauteous vocals by Veela to create a fluid sense of rhythm and a dynamic emotional appeal. While intricate it encourages the masses to get up and move. There is surely more to come from Rameses B.

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Neon Hitch: Gucci Gucci: ViLLAGE Edit

avatars-000026227419-w6hq90-cropViLLΛGE aka Valentine, comes to us from the town of Galati, Romania. In his latest work he features the highly remixable track Gucci Gucci by Neon Hitch. ViLLΛGE has taken on a tall task in remixing this track in that their are countless others floating around out there, however this one is different. He manages to aggressively infuse his emotional and super creative DNA into an otherwise rather run of the mill pop’esque track. There’s no need to listen to the original, ViLLΛGE’s work with this track is phenomenal  Have a listen below. As always comments are encouraged!

Mr. FijiWiji: The Mentalist (Preview)

Don’t laugh, Mr. FijiWiji AKA Sean Toodle is the real deal. The Mentalist is his latest track, (although it’s a preview) it offers jarring yet orchestral manipulations of sound as we know it. Layers of harmonic melodies flow seamlessly, and then they’re turned upside down offering up the same satisfaction. The full track drops tomorrow, November 30th. As always, have a listen below.


klrx & Kaj.: Empathy

klrx and Kaj have managed something quite unbelievable and unique. Both are young tenacious producers with a knack for enlightening the soul with their skillful melodic ambient sound. However, they have managed to collaborate while living 3,500 miles apart. klrx calls the Bronx, New York home while Kaj aka Jack Knopp hails from England. These two young talents are fairly new, however, they’ve been producing consistent ambient wobbles that only seem to mature over time. Have a listen to Empathy and you too will become a fan.

As always listen and download here.